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Zhongshan City, Huashan high tech ceramics Co. Ltd was established in 1991, is a set of complex inorganic pigments, sintering sand and ceramic glaze technology research and development, production and sales of professional services for the integrated enterprise. In order to expand the scale of production and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, in 2013, Huashan company and Shijiazhuang high sand new materials Co., Ltd. carried out strategic cooperation, the establishment of the group company. The group has two large production bases in Guangdong and Hebei. The two bases are composite inorganic pigments in ChinaOne of the manufacturers and the largest sintering ceramic color sand. Among them, the Huashan company is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province...

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voluntarily join (Voluntary Chain) refers to the individual Voluntary single store use the same brand of the mode of operation and all operating expenses, this approach is usually individual operators (joined) the guidance of a fixed amount of payment (known as join gold), to open a shop run by headquarters to teach knowledge, or the operator of the original store Chain after headquarters guidance to hq's mode of operation.

Usually this way every year must also pay the fixed cost, the guidance of the headquarters will send officials to guide, but there are also don't accept this part of the cost, it is required to open a shop is by joining the main burden of charge;Since joining the Lord is willing to join, the headquarters only fixed fee to give guidance, thus obtained and nothing to do with the headquarters.The advantage of this way is to join all the main can obtain most of the profits without having to share with headquarters, often guide also relatively loose, moreover shop business quality is not easy to control.

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Ceramic pigment
Plastic/paint/ink with compound inorganic pigment
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